• Yasuyuki Saiga
  • Birth Date 1977.6.10
  • Bloodtype A
  • Hometown Ibaraki, Japan
Yasuyuki was born in 1977 and started his professional career in 1998 as supporting member THE BIBIAN after graduating ESP Musical Academy.
Then toured with artist NAOHITO FUJIKI all over Japan including related various events from 1999 through 2004.
He also joined a band called SICK TRAVELERS in 2000 and toured in parallel.
It goes without saying that Yasuyuki gained valuable experience supporting Naohito Fujiki besides working with his band,which total live performances reach to almost 200 in both.
He released two singles and one mini-album with his band, took part in several recordings with Naohito Fujiki.
Year 2005 maybe one of Yasuyuki's career turning points.
Starting to pursue more deeply, more determined within his musical activities, he joins many different varieties of jam sessions, recordings and live performances.
In 2006 he assumes post as PIT(Percussion Institute of Technology) instructor at MUSICIANS INSTITUTE TOKYO.
Also studied under TOMMY CAMPBELL and OSAMI MIZUNO, receives instructions about legendary ALAN DAWSON DRUM METHOD, he gains huge great influences from both.
These progressive developments gave Yasuyuki a further wide-ranged playing style which is still ongoing. This is expanding to his utmost extent in subsequent activities.
In late 2009 he made his first live performance in a NYC event show and attended the NAMM SHOW 2011 convened in LA.
Recently Yasuyuki is aggressively expanding his musical activities in trio performances and/or other exciting new era music.