OTSUKARE JAPAN’s tour flyer!!!
You can see tour dates on my website( )


BUT if you want one of our flyers, we plan to distribute it at
Ran Tea House NYC ( on September 29,
our first place where we will take part in an event and perform.


Come and GET it!!!


Posted: 2012/09/10 @17:40
NEW updates for September 29′s event!!


Please refer to updated information below!!


DAY          September 29, 2012

PLACE      Ran Tea House NYC (
TIME         19:00~22:00

EVENT      Bento Box


OTSUKARE JAPAN will appear from 8:30pm.

We will perform some original numbers and then will make some session tied up with dancing.
Also DON’T MISS the big ending around 10pm!!!



Posted: 2012/09/10 @03:01
Simple interpretation of album 『乙者’s 』 (pronounce OTSUJAZZ)


In 2010 trio band “OTSUKARE JAPAN” was formed with leader drummer Yasuyuki Saiga, bass Sousuke Kawamoto and sax Hiroyuki Yokota.

This trio has a rare playing style using no chord instruments,

but with the refreshing approach of bass Sousuke and sax Hiroyuki’s keen excellent effector use, they build up an unique music scene.


This album includes three live recorded selected tracks which are composed improvisational that expresses literally the best part of  OTSUKARE JAPAN.

Enjoy the famous “TUTU” of Miles Davis in african-beat, “Gandinga” OTSUKARE JAPAN’s original number in latin, and Incognito’s “Always There” in rhythmical a la drum ‘n bass.


If you are interested to purchase OTSUKARE JAPAN’s first album, 3 CD-types(each with different bonus) are currently available for $15.00 each.

 Please choose your desired one from below and e-mail to

You will receive further information about payment issues and other inquiries on return.

 Thank you!!!




3 live recorded tracks + BONUS DVD! Live video “Spain, edited from another performance.



3 live recorded tracks + BONUS DVD! Live video “Actual Proof“, edited from another performance.



3 live recorded tracks + BONUS CD! Rough recording mix of 3 numbers(Footprint, Partido Alto, It’s Already That)


Posted: 2012/08/26 @18:43


DAY          September 29, 2012
PLACE      Ran Tea House NYC (
EVENT      Bento Box
OTSUKARE JAPAN will take part in this event.
Further details TBA
DAY          September 30, 2012
PLACE      Somethin’ Jazz Club NYC (
OPEN        17:00
START      21:00~23:45
CHARGE   $5 cover/$10 minimum
DAY          October 1, 2012
START      21:00~
Dr     Yasuyuki Saiga (
Ba     Sousuke Kawamoto (
Our sax player Hiroyuki Yokota will be not able to participate this time due to his schedule.
However, a wonderful substitute player Mr. Adam Kolker will join us!!!
Don’t MISS our powerful rejuvenating performance!!
Posted: 2012/08/25 @09:01